Senior Advocate BT Venkatesh addressing the union members on their legal rights and way forward.

Sex Workers’ Rights Are Workers’ Rights“, Senior Advocate BT Venkatesh said to a gathering of sex workers, community supporters, lawyers and representatives from NGOs working on health, human, and labour rights.

During the meeting held today (17 Oct 2019) at Visthar, Bengaluru, he emphasised that there’s a greater need for this vulnerable member of the society to be protected from constant harassments, extortion, intimidation by both antisocial elements as well as by the state apparatus.

The meeting was part of a consultative process of unionising the sex workers movement through the drafting of policies, by-laws and guidelines for the association. ReachLaw, a law firm founded by Venkatesh, will provide comprehensive training, litigation and advisory support to the victims of human rights violation.